Flashback Friday – Copenhagen, Denmark


Back in early December, I went on a Christmas city break. I went to Copenhagen with my friend, Tor for three nights. We flew from London Gatwick. We booked flights and hotel separate, not as a package.

The flight is lovely and short (less than 2 hours) and we had an early afternoon flight. We made the decision to buy the Copenhagen card before we went (it’s the best buy for there – all travel, and one entry to all the massive attractions included), so we picked that up from the airport and got the train to our hotel.

We stayed in a basic hotel (to save money). The first night we got a taxi to the meat district and had dinner and a wonder. We decided on an early night as we had a lot to pack in the next few days.

My neighbour is actually Danish, so he recommended a bakery to me – I NEEDED to have Danish pastries whilst in Denmark. It was called Lagkagehuset, it is a chain but I loved the pastries and decent coffee. I ended up having one every morning!


We headed straight for the Canal Tours Copenhagen, and got on a boat without no queue. It was raining at this point, and super cold, but the boat was enclosed with a roof. We did a whole circle trip and got off where we started, and there was our first Christmas market! There we tried our first Glogg wine – Danish version of mulled wine. We also found we was quite in the centre at this point, so popped into a shop called Royal Copenhagen – Danish celebs do up Christmas tables!


Also on Tors to do list was Royal Smushie Café, which happened to be next door! So we had lunch. We tried the famous Danish open sandwiches. (exactly as you expect – a sandwich open). It was pretty in there, and busy!


After that, was the moment we had been waiting for – Tivoli Gardens! It was getting a bit darker, but had stopped raining. The main entrance led you onto The Gardens – the prettiest part with lots of photo ops including sleighs, all the shops were wooden sheds and you could smell glogg wine or hot chocolate, it was pure Christmas! Another bucket list item completed for both of us. We also chose to do one ride, and because it was so cold, it wasn’t a roller coaster, and we are big kids – it was the The Flying Trunk, A journey in a trunk through Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tales. It was cute, but a bit expensive!


We went and had a hot drink in Cakenhagen (great name!), as it was just icy rain at that point. we felt like we had done what we wanted do, and was just cold now, so we left. We cut through the Food Hall (not that special) and walked back to the hotel.

The next day we woke up to sun! So breakfast at the bakery, and straight to Nyhavn – we both loved this place (its the cliché picture which is always shown of Denmark with the pretty coloured houses along the canal). There was another Christmas market there, we saw father Christmas or Julemanden in Danish (Christmas man). Its really not to be missed if you do visit. After this we looked at the Copenhagen Card to see what else we could get into. We got the bus to H.C. Andersen Fairy-Tale House – honestly I’m glad we didn’t pay for this. It was basically empty and we did it in less than fifteen minutes. Bit of a shame as he is such a huge important author.


After that we walked to another Christmas market, and had (in my personal experience) the best mulled wine ever! We sat in the stall/shed, there was Christmas songs playing, the drink was lovely and warming and we was slightly tipsy. It was great! We also met Father Christmas and had a picture.

After we walked to have lunch at a Illum’s Boglihus which is a department store (my neighbour recommend for decent open sandwich). After that, on Tor’s to do list was La Glace, which is the oldest in Denmark. There was a queue outside! once inside, we had a hard time choosing, the menu was quite big. I had the Karen Blixen, which was a chocolate / coffee combo one and we both had The Glace tea.


After our sugar shot, we had another small wonder (it was now dark) and then began the walk / bus trek back to the hotel to pack. It was poruing down on the last morning so we got a taxi to airport, We had a nice flight time back, so a shop round the airport (was surprisingly big and lots of shops), and another pastry for me!


Overall, I think we managed a lot in our city break, it’s a very manageable town (very flat and no hills – bonus!), things are walking distance, but at points the weather was just too cold and rainy, so buses was used. I really liked Copenhagan and the Danish were very friendly. I would like to go back and see another part of Denmark, possibly in warmer months.

If you have any questions, let me know!

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