Flashback Friday – Berkshire, UK


Back in late November, three friends and I stayed in a cabin in Berkshire for two nights. The company is called The Dream Lodge Group. The original cabin was found on Wowcher, but I think we ended up booking direct, which was good as was offered a very cheap upgrade! We ended up staying in a La Grande Casa with a hot tub.

We arrived Saturday afternoon and left late Monday morning. The weather wasn’t great, but we didn’t care as we was just there to hibernate for two days!


We did a food shop on the way – we bought goodies, prosecco, dinners and breakfast foods. We also came prepared – I bought Cards against humanity with me, another friend bought DVD’s (the cabin supplies a DVD player and a few DVDs), a speaker for music – we was set!


The cabin was lovely, really nicely decorated and laid out. Lots of space for four of us – two bedrooms with double beds and two bathrooms. Plenty of seating – bar stools in the kitchen, dining table for six, and two sofas!


Outside on the decking which wrapped around half of the cabin, was the hot tub (it did feel like it needed a roof, or some side enclosures), was another set of table and chairs, and a mini outdoor kitchen with a place for a mini BBQ!


The staff were nice, the actual grounds (on this particular site) aren’t still 100% completed but we rang them with a small issue and they was there in minutes. They helped unload the car and take the cases to the cabin (it was less than a minute walk!), we had a box of chocolates left for us (they had ran out of prosecco).


The hot tub was lovely, a really big sized one with temperature and lights you could control.

Another highlight was the bath in the main bedroom, we wish we had bought some Lush goodies to fully appreciate it! Next time, we will!


Overall, it was a really nice cabin, the finishes felt high end and it felt new. We would definitely stay again with The Dream Lodge Group, maybe at a different location. I feel like Forest Holidays have monopolised the cabin holidays recently (but they are expensive!) so maybe look up this company to see if there is one near you to travel to?!

It’s not much of a post, but just wanted to highlight this company if anyone was looking into / researching for a cabin break next year, and hoping the photos help!


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