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My Favourite’s at Walt Disney World


As you know Walt Disney World in Florida, is one of my favourite places – well it’s my second home! I feel so comfy there, and always have an amazing holiday with lots of new memories and photos. It’s always on my mind, and I’m so envious of people that live close by.  So thought would do a list of my favourite’s!

Resort: Polynesian

Park: Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Lands: Main Street / Adventureland / Tomorrowland


Attraction’s: –

Magic – Pirates of the Caribbean / Splash Mountain / TTA

Epcot – Spaceship Earth / Soarin’ (Although I am not such a fan of the new one)

Hollywood Studios – Tower of Terror / Star Tours

Animal Kingdom – Kilimanjaro Safaris (although I preferred the old version as high lighting poaching is important)


Restaurant: I am stuck on this one. I used to love Kona Café for breakfast but they took away the Big Kahuna, but I still like the restaurant. I also really enjoyed California Grill and Teppan Edo on the last trip

Character Meal: Ohana breakfast

Bar: Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto

Transport: Monorail / Boat


Parade: Electrical Parade (sad times)


Character meets: Minnie and Mickey (but had a great Daisy meet at Epcot, and I loved our Pocahontas at Animal Kingdom!)

Epcot Pavilion: Mexico

Things to do: Backstage tours, and new photos!



How about you? What are you favourite’s? Let me know!







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Day out in Brighton!


We had a voucher for Christmas for something we didn’t want to do, so we exchanged it!

I chose a tour for the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, with a cream tea included.

So my boyfriend and I drove down, and spent an hour or two in there. I have been to Brighton plenty of times throughout my childhood and as an a adult but have never been to there or inside!

You get given a headset, which you click once inside each room, and then gives you information. It reminded me of a mini Buckingham Palace.


The exterior has indian influences and the interior has Chinese influences. The palace was used as a pleasure palace for royals. So was essentially a getaway from London and other palaces! Some of them loved it, others hated it as too gaudy for them. its quite a big palace, bigger than I was expecting.



It is now all been preserved, and some pieces are on loan from the Queen!

One of my favourite’s was in a bedroom, the bathroom door was disguised in the wall!

The cream tea you could have when you liked/preferred. We had in the middle of the tour as the tea room is in the middle of the tour! But you can have at the beginning or the end etc. Was the usual tea – scone with clotted cream and jam with a pot of tea.


After our tour, we headed to Brighton Pier, I hadn’t walked along this in years! The wind and the salty air was so refreshing. Its such a cheesy place, but feels like a proper English tradition.


I love being by the sea, living in a town, its always so nice to get away for a little bit. The sea always calms and relaxes me. I could watch it for hours!

We had a nice August day too, so the sun was out and we was in tshirts. We did some window shopping and browsed some of the smaller lanes.

I always find it mind boggling too, how much water there is on earth!


What about you guys, what have you been up to? Do you love the sea?




Flashback Friday – Route 101 Road Trip, West Coast USA


So this was the trip that kick started it all. Once I was back from this trip, I was hooked on travelling and holidays. I mean, I always was before – but this ignited some kind of fire!

This was one of my favourite holiday’s ever. It’s actually been 4 years next month that we did this amazing adventure.

Road trips and cruises are the way forward – you see so much!

We drove over 1000 miles, across 3 states and stayed in 7 hotels over 15 nights. We even got matching Route 101 signs tattooed during the trip!

I honestly don’t even know how it came about, one minute it was being discussed and joked about, then I got serious and started looking and planning!

I’m not going to lie, it was costly. The flights was about £750 each as we flew in and out of different airports. The car hire was also a big amount, they charge a flat non refundable fee of $300 just to drop the car off at a different state. That was on top of the car hire amount!

The hotels we stayed in, with the exception of one wasn’t too expensive or luxurious.

We flew into Seattle, and flew out of LAX. I did want to do the whole route of 101, but struggled to find a flight out of San Diego, so our trip ended in LA. I also booked all the hotels before we left, so I knew we always had a destination to put in the sat nav and a warm bed for the night.


We did and saw and experienced too much for this one blog post, so I’m just going to stick to the highlights.

We stayed in Seattle 3 nights before moving on. We went to Pike Place Market, and went into the original Starbucks, (I bought a mug!), we went on the Seattle monorail and up the space needle. We walked all round the city and explored. It wasn’t my favourite place, and I probably wouldn’t go back here.

3 4

We headed to a hotel on the coast for one night, still in the Washington State. We drove through the town where Kurt Cobain was from. After we drove to Oregon, we stayed at a few hotels along this state.


I also ended up buying a jacket from Wal Mart as it was so chilly, windy and rainy! The weather was awful in parts, and we was driving metres from the water at some points. It really was scary, we missed a tree being blown down across a road by minutes.

We drove to and stayed in a cute little town called Seaside, and had a lunch in Tsunami café! There was signs everywhere pointing to safe sites, and with the weather the way it was – it was a bit worrying!


We drove through the Red Forest, which was amazing. They are tallest trees in the world! We parked up the car, and got out to take photos. We didn’t see anyone else the whole time. We also stopped and paid to do the SkyTrail – which is a gondola ride through part of the forest. Its meant to offer amazing views, but sadly the weather stopped our views at the top! We also was now in California!

We stayed in a family run hotel where they put up a notice where people are from each evening, and we sat with a cool older couple who was doing a road trip on a motorbike.


We then stayed 3 nights in San Francisco – I drove across the Golden Gate bridge! I felt a little let down by San fran, I know we didn’t have much time, but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

The biggest disappointment  was at the time, there was polictical issues happening and all national parks was shut, this included Alcatraz! Which we had tickets for. So we swapped to a boat ride under the bridge, and around the Alcatraz island.

But we did ride a cable car, we went to Fisherman’s Wharf – saw the Seals (got the tattoo), had an ice cream at the original Ghiradelli’s and went to The Walt Disney Family Museum! I loved this place , and we spent a few hours one afternoon there. Any Walt / Disney fan should go see it.



After San Francisco, I had a request to stay at The Madonna inn – I had wanted to for years since I read Belinda Jones book – The California Club.

Take a look at the rooms – each one is individual and themed! We stayed in one of the famous rock fall shower rooms – Bridal Falls. Its a very pink hotel – the exterior, all the finishing touches, even the sugar for your coffee!



After our stay here, we headed further south in California, where we had 3 nights in Anaheim. That’s right we managed to squeeze in two days at Disneyland! I was desperate to see the newly opened Carsland, which fitted in perfectly with our road trip! I was not let down by that! Sheer genius and amazing Imagineering at work there.


But the day before that we had a spare day in California with no plans. So an impromptu whale watching boat trip was booked up. And OH MY GOD we saw a blue whale! It was incredible, I got all choked up. Dolphins swam along and played with the boat. It was an amazing 2 hours. (I was also in t-shirt and shorts by this time in our trip!). Also later that night we had dinner at Medieval Times where our blue team won – woo!).


I mean, just wow, there’s probably loads I’ve missed out, but honestly such an amazing eye opening experience. Being on the open road, not knowing what each day would bring.

I would LOVE to do another road trip again, and definitely different states. I loved the planning and researching, and when it all came together so well, I felt so proud of myself.

Have you ever taken a road trip? Would you want to?


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My Favourite Disney Resort at Walt Disney World


I’ve decided to write about my favourite Disney resort – Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. I know everyone has their own preferences and beloved bases, and this is mine.

I have stayed here twice before. Years and years ago (aah the good old fountain lobby – which I still miss), I stayed with my family for two weeks! (I think this is before sky high rates!), and the second time was five of us in one room. Both times we had ground floor rooms. The first one we even had a view of the monorail.

I haven’t stayed since, as I’m on a quest to stay at ALL the Disney resorts! It’s top of my Disney Bucket List.

So many reasons I love this place.


This resort is perfect to me because it’s chilled, and it never feels crowed – it’s got that  relaxed vibe going on.  All the cast members say Aloha to you, and wear great shirts.

The restaurants available are all great choices for all meals options – Kona cafe, Ohana, Captain Cooks. Kona Café used to be my favourite breakfast – but they took the Big Kahuna off the menu, I was not impressed. I do love the Kona coffee there.

The great bars/lounges – Tambu Lounge has unique drinks, and of course my favourite Trader Sam’s!

4  5

There is a beach, which has chairs and hammocks, you can rest and observe the view – Cinderella’s Castle, and if you pop back to that same place at evening, you can watch the fireworks.

The new addition is the Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows – which I think topped everyone’s bucket list as soon as they was announced! I doubt I will ever afford to stay in one – but a girl can dream.

I also love wondering the biggest shop – BouTiki. This year I even bought a kids Polynesian resort shirt!


In the evening, all the tiki torches are lit, and as soon as you’re back from the parks and the crowds, you instantly relax, and get a second wind, and go and grab a coffee (or cocktail).


Even when we don’t stay there, I make a point of booking a restaurant there, or just going to visit the resort. My holiday doesn’t feel complete without it!

So if you haven’t considered this resort before, or if costs are too much, maybe try for it a few nights, and maybe like me, your fall in love with the place?

What’s your favourite Disney resort?



The Brunch Afternoon Tea – Piccadilly, London


2Last week my friend and I visited another afternoon tea! This time the twist was that it was a brunch inspired one. It was called the B n T.

It took place at Le Meridien Hotel, Piccadilly, it was served in the Terrace Grill & Bar. We had a table overlooking the street.

Whilst we was there, there was a special offer on – the afternoon tea, plus a hot tea and a cocktail for £27.50 each (usually £35), there was another option instead of a cocktail was bottomless prosecco for two hours!




The food was so tasty, I enjoyed every ‘level’ of the tea! It was also one of the most filling afternoon tea’s I’ve ever had. I took a photo of the menu so you can see what we had.




As you can see every dish was unique and different. Just what we like with afternoon teas – a bit of variety! I chose the Elderflower Fizz – which was yummy but very strong. My friend had the Berries & tea (which reminded us both of Mr Fogg’s).

I’ve included some close ups of each layer of the tea.







I don’t know about you, but I love Afternoon Tea and I love brunch – so its a winning combination!

I would definitely recommend you check out this afternoon tea, if you are on the hunt for something a little different, and are ticking off all the tea’s – tick this one too!

Before our tea we also visited Oxford Street, where we peeped in T2, a few clothes shops and of course the famous Oxford Street Disney Store. So I did my own version of a ‘Disney wall’ that day!




Bucket List – Guns N Roses!

cA few weeks ago, I got to tick off another bucket list item – one I never thought I would be able to!

I saw GUNS N ROSES! And even better it was Axl and Slash together!

I’ve loved Guns for a while now, and knew I would never see them, as they had broken up, Slash had left, and also the 90s was over!



But then last year, there was rumours that the band was getting back together. So I found the official Guns n Roses website, added it to my favourites page, signed up to the emails and literally checked this website once a week!

It was announced they was then going to tour!! I think it was the East they started in, and I was obviously bouncing up and down. Because if they was starting, surely they will hit Europe / London on the way?!




Guess what – they announced a London date! My dad had a credit card which allowed one day presale, so I begged him to get tickets. I only needed two, I didn’t care where – just as long as I got them!!

He did, he rang me whilst I was at work. He got seated, and I had tickets! This was in December 2016, and the show was in June 2017. My  boyfriend agreed to come with me (why wouldn’t he?!).

The gig was at the London Stadium at the Olympic Park in Stratford. Since we had booked the ticket’s, they did announce another show the next day, so they was playing twice in London.


It was amazing! They played for two and a half hours! They sounded great, Slash’s guitar playing skills are legendary. The audience (quite an old audience, as the band have been around for a while now) loved it all. I also admit, when they played my favourite ever song – November Rain, I did shed a little tear as I really didn’t think I would ever hear that song played live!

It really was a bucket list tick! I also got a very cool new band t-shirt!

If they ever come back to London, I’m going again!

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Flashback Friday – Cumbria, UK



A few years ago, my boyfriend and I stayed in one of the most unique hotels ever! We stayed three nights.

It was a castle! A couple had bought, and then converted an actual castle. They then converted into a hotel, and also live there. It’s located in Cumbria, which for us is quite a drive, but I’m glad we went.

Each room is completely different, when we stayed – there was only 12. They have added some addition’s / changed a few more rooms since. We stayed in the Middlesmoor – which they describe as ‘ Elegantly decorated in blue & gold with a leaded bay window extending the entire width of the room. The bed is dated the same year as the castle was built. The bathroom is delicately decorated in blue & white with an original nineteenth century corner basin’.

What I truly loved about this place was the open door policy. On your room key, is also the front door key to the castle. So you can come and go as you please, and let yourself in. They also had a honesty bar (I had never heard of this until this stay!). They had a whole bar with a big selection of drinks, you go helpful yourself, then just write in the book left in there – your room number and what you had! That then gets added to your bill, no miniatures here!

There was rooms – Drawing Room, Great Hall, Dining Room, Music Room and Library all over the castle in which you could explore, and just chill out in. The family also had their own dog and cat which roamed the castle.


The food was lovely, we pre-booked a dinner one night, which is held with the rest of the guests in the dining hall and the breakfast was so good! So many different option’s.

Whilst we was in that area of UK, we drove to the Lake District, had an afternoon there – had an afternoon tea, went out on a boat ride, bought some fudge (one of my favourite’s is clotted cream fudge!).



We also visited The World of Beatrix Potter attraction. That was a little cute hour!



But the main attraction for me, was the Castle. I really loved it, and even though we stayed over four years ago, I still talk about it! They also offer afternoon tea and weddings now!

Sadly I don’t have many photos!

Highly recommended, here is the website link to have a nosey! http://stayinacastle.com/