Another Day Out in London!


A few weeks ago, I had a Friday off so my friend and I decided to have a day in London (again!). I had been looking around and found a place called Coppa Club, it’s in Tower Bridge. In the summer, they have these pretty cabanas outside, so I crossed my fingers and hoped for availability. We got one!

So I also looked around to see what else we could do.

The HMS Belfast (the big navy ship moored on the River Thames) was nearby and we both hadn’t visited before, so we also booked tickets for that.

We met at London Bridge station and had a nice walk to the Belfast where we stopped for some pretty Instagram photo opportunities (see above).

We “boarded” the HMS Belfast and took the headset they gave us. I had forgot how much of a workout looking round old boats/ships was! Up and down tiny stairs, various decks and the ship was huge.

I did like it, and you can see how cramped and small working conditions could be, but we both could have done without the creepy looking wax figures!


We also went right to the top, and did some silly photos by the Union Jack flag. Also, by chance I think we chose the nicest day in September! Look how blue the sky was.


We then walked to Coppa Club, so glad we went!


We loved the outside cabana straight away. We was even seated early. We ordered a cocktail each, and decided on the same one. Wild Strawberry Spritz – Prosecco & Cartron wild strawberry liqueur, it was yum!



We also decided on the small plates to share for lunch, so we got 3 dishes with chips. I didn’t get any photos of the food! But it was all really tasty.

The cabana was a 2 hour booking slot, so we made the most of it. We then had a pudding each, and a glass of prosecco. I chose Sticky toffee pudding and it had some really good honeycomb on top.


It was just so nice there! The vibe was chilled, the sun was out, music was playing, the views – we could see the Shard one way and Tower Bridge the other! Then the cabana emptied – so we had the whole one to ourselves for a while! I think we could have stayed there all afternoon!


It was a really nice day out, and the weather being so lovely just topped it all off! I really recommend the Coppa Club – I heard last winter they had igloos outside – and they got booked pretty sharpish. I can imagine why!


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