Flashback Friday – Bruge, Belgium


A few years ago we went to Bruge for Easter! We stayed  four nights in a place a lady rented out. It was almost a flat, and right in the centre of The Market Square. We got the Eurostar to Brussles, then another train into Bruge.

I can honestly say I have never had so much chocolate and beer in such a short amount of time.

The chocolate is amazing, there was so many chocolate shops so it constantly smelled nice! There was boxes you could do your own pick n mix, there was ones pre made, keepsake tins you could fill, there was eggs, shapes, hot chocolate etc. Below is photo of one of the displays in a shop – chocolate Russian dolls!


Whilst we there, we went on a boat trip which was lovely and chilled. We went in a few churches. We hired a tandem bike – not comfy on cobbled streets! Visited a brewery – this was our least favourite brewery tour ever.

We went to the Bruge Beer Museum – actually quite interesting. You had a headset and a tablet, and scanned a barcode by photos to learn more. Then at the end was the bar, you was given 2 tokens and menu of beers to try!

3 4

The town of Bruge is quite small, so we didn’t use any public transport – we walked everywhere. We ate waffles and mussels and had lots beer stops! It really is a lovely pretty town, its been one of my favourite European city breaks and I would definitely recommend it.





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