Sky Garden, London



Last weekend I visited the Sky Gardens with a good friend. We had been planning to go since last November but kept having to cancel for various reasons.

We went to St Paul’s Cathedral first, and had a wonder around, again this was a first visit for both of us.

Had a quick lunch, then walked to 20 Fenchurch Street – where the Sky Garden is located, on the 35th floor! It is in the very recognisable Walkie Talkie building. The amazing thing about this London attraction – the visit is free! Booking is highly recommended – tickets are released three weeks in advance, so make sure you have a date in mind! The ticket allows you one hour, but no one asked us to leave or check our timing, so I’m not sure how strict that is.

Sky Garden is actually London’s highest public garden! How cool is that.

There is a restaurant (again needs advanced booking), brassiere, and 2 bars. We chose to just have one drink up there, and selected a cocktail each from the menu. I had the Mayakick, which was rum based, and my friend had the Amore – prosecco based. We also managed to grab a 2 seated table right in front of The Shard!


There is an outside observation deck, which has a tinted screen – so doesn’t make for the best photos! But it’s got great views – The Shard, River Thames and Tower of London are some of the closest.



Once inside you can actually walk all the way round the top of the building, so its actually a 360 degree view of London. There is steps either side, where you walk next to the plants, flowers and foliage. They are occasionally watered too with a fine mist, so it feels very tropical!

It is chilly up there, as it’s naturally ventilated, so do take a jacket.

I would definitely recommend a visit here, the tickets are limited so its not crowded. There’s music playing, it has a chilled out vibe and feels like a cool London secret!



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